Legacy Giving

Corsi Digital Library Preserves Images of Nature for the Future

Capturing the natural world on film has been a longtime passion for Eastwood Associates Buff and Jerry Corsi. Through generous gifts to the Academy, they are sharing that passion with others and preserving precious glimpses of nature for the future.

The Academy is actually where Buff and Jerry’s 33-year marriage took root. Buff served on the Academy staff from 1964 to 1978 and founded the adult education program. Interested in photography herself, she organized a class. Little did she suspect that one of her fellow students, Jerry, would become her husband.

Buff and Jerry have shared a love of travel and photography since their relationship began. For 10 years, they ran their own nature photography tour company, leading excursions around the world. On more recent trips, from Alaska to the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica to East Africa, they have intimately documented the globe’s flora and fauna in photos and video. Their work has appeared in virtually every major nature publication.

The Corsis have already donated much of their photography to the Academy, and they have endowed the Corsi Digital Library, which provides Academy staff and visiting researchers with access to a diverse array of digital images. “Thanks to the Corsis’ generous financial and artistic support, the Academy Library is able to curate, digitize, and publish photographs from our collections online, including nearly 10,000 stunning images from the Corsis themselves,” says Danielle Castronovo, Archives and Digital Collections librarian.

Beyond Buff and Jerry’s lifetimes, the Academy will protect and share all their work—a gift from the Corsis’ estate. “We wanted our personal collections to benefit others for generations to come,” Buff says. “Considering our history, the Academy was a natural choice.”

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