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Eastwood Traditions: Lifelong Educator Shares Her Passion for the Academy

The value of education and the sciences has always been front and center in the life of Dr. Meg Burke— from her days as a doctoral student at Duke University, through 17 years as a university biology professor in North Dakota, to her current position as the Director of Science Integrations & Operations at the California Academy of Sciences.

“I believe in science education,” says Meg, who recently took steps to support this belief beyond her lifetime. She named the Academy a beneficiary of her trust and a beneficiary of her IRA. Both gifts will be used for the same purpose: to help fund the Academy’s education and research missions.

“The Academy is an international center for world-class research, but it is also an amazing public education facility,” she says. “Because I believe so deeply in its mission, my gifts let me combine my legacy with the Academy’s legacy.

“Planned gifts are a way in which people can have a truly lasting influence on the Academy.”

There are a variety of ways to provide the Academy with philanthropic support. You could include the Academy in your will or estate plan or make an immediate gift that allows us to use the funds where needed. Another option is to name the Academy as the beneficiary of an IRA or insurance policy.

Meg says that a charitable gift of any type is “a final, lasting commitment” and that the Academy itself is “one of the best causes there is.”

The Academy has been around, she adds, since 1853, and has showed resilience time and again by surviving any number of tough challenges, including the earthquake of 1906.

“I am very happy to make a lasting gift to the Academy,” Meg says. “It is easy to do and the world is a better place because of the Academy. I encourage anyone with similar beliefs to consider doing the same.”

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