Legacy Giving

Eastwood Associates

Eastwood Associates are those generous individuals who have made a lifelong commitment to the California Academy of Sciences. Members are part of a specially recognized group invited to private tours, educational events, and invitation-only gatherings. Eastwood Associates receive insider communications about Academy discoveries and programs. And unless they request anonymity, Associates are listed in our honor roll of membership in the Academy and in our annual reports. Eastwood Associates are diverse in their backgrounds and interests but all share dedication to the Academy’s mission of exploring, explaining, and protecting our natural world.

Alice Eastwood, the namesake of the Eastwood Associates, was Academy curator of botany from 1894 to 1949. A self-taught scientist whose discoveries advanced our understanding of the plant world, in 1953, at the age of 94 Eastwood left the Academy her extensive collection of botanic publications that are still used by scientists and students. Today, the Eastwood Associates honors and celebrates the legacy of Alice Eastwood and the donors whose planned estate gifts will endow the Academy and support discovery for generations to come.

To learn more about membership in the Eastwood Associates, contact Jay Auslander at 415-379-5202 or jauslander@calacademy.org.

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