Legacy Giving

Passion for Nature + Smart Financial Planning = Academy Legacy

Some day, Sandy Linder will write down all the amazing questions she’s heard in 30 years as an Academy docent. Right now, she’s too busy providing the answers, and with her husband, Ron—a financial planning expert—helping to sustain the Academy for future generations.

Since childhood, Sandy has been turning over rocks and logs in search of creatures, asking “How?” and “Why?” And when her children were young, she cultivated their interest in nature, often at the Academy. Then, on a whim, Sandy attended a docent training session with a friend. “After two lectures—one on the history of life, one on plate tectonics—I was hooked!” she says.

Capturing Imaginations

That was 30 years ago, and Sandy has been engaging Academy visitors with nature ever since. “I love showing real things and sharing their stories,” she says. “You never know what’s going to capture someone’s imagination: a dinosaur bone, a crystal, a collection of skulls.”

Also a former trustee, Sandy is proud to have helped usher the Academy into an innovative new home with a mission that is more urgent than ever.

“The Academy’s research is important to our lives and to the world, and docents help visitors make that connection,” she says. “And being in the world’s largest Platinum ‘green’ public building inspires conversations about how we can live with less environmental impact.”

Philanthropy With Benefits

Being married to a longtime docent has advantages as does having an estate planning expert in the family.

A partner in Delagnes, Linder & Duey, LLP, Ron says: “If you care about an institution like the Academy and can make a significant gift, by all means do so, and reap the tax advantages.

“But if you aren’t ready to make a gift, talk with your advisor about a strategy that suits your financial situation—maybe converting bonds into annuities, or making a gift from your retirement fund.” Both options benefit your heirs, he says, and enable you to make a difference for an organization you believe in.

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