Legacy Giving

Our Mission

The Academy’s mission is to explore, explain, and sustain life.

The California Academy of Sciences is a multifaceted scientific institution committed to leading-edge research, to educational outreach, and to finding new and innovative ways to engage and inspire the public.

The Academy’s mission – to explore, explain and sustain life – extends to all corners of the institution; from a research expedition in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, to a teacher training program in a California classroom, to an interactive game on the museum exhibit floor.

Why We Need Your Help

As you know, our planet is in danger. Human and natural forces are destroying environments, species, and opportunities for Earth’s diverse inhabitants at an alarming pace. Fortunately, our scientists and researchers are working constantly—in our labs and around the world—to understand how best to protect threatened places and creatures. Our educators are developing creative and engaging ways to teach families and children—the next generation of scientists—about these discoveries and about how all of us can make a difference. The possibilities for our work are absolutely limitless.

While we have learned a lot, there is so much we don’t know and we rely on your support to enable us to marshal the resources required to identify that next species, explain that new weather phenomenon, study that surprising microbe, and bring young people along in our journey. We are grateful for your generosity and your partnership in our commitment to exploring, explaining, and protecting the biodiversity of which we are lucky to be a part.

Our commitment to understanding and protecting our planet and its inhabitants is steadfast. Thousands of scientists, educators, researchers, and other staff are dedicated to our critical work at the California Academy of Sciences. But we need your help to sustain and advance our efforts. We invite you to invest in the future of your world today.

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